If you are held back in life by anxiety, fear of not being good enough, or a subtle but crippling self-sabotage when things start to go right
then you need to be here.
If you feel like a completely different person inside than what you project out into the world
then you need to be here.


Amelia Williams

Jasmine has a very special and contagious connection to spirit. Her holistic approach to wellness is exciting and heart-driven – you won’t regret working with this beautiful soul.

A Williams


My work is based on two concepts:


1. Low Toxic Living

My definition of a toxin is:

"Anything that moves you away from your innate state of health and well-being. Physical OR energetic."

I believe that by reducing our toxic load, we are literally shedding layers that are covering our true innate state. We are, underneath it all, intuitive, inspired, insanely capable, and far more powerful than you may realise.

My work is to help you remove these layers. I do this by guiding you through dietary changes, inner mindfulness work, and helping you to re-establish a connection to the natural rhythms of life. Each process is different for each person, but the ultimate ground-level goal remains the same.

To feel energised, grounded, and with an undercurrent of peace that we can always lean on.
2. Bioindividuality

We are all unique. Our goals, our desires, our wounds, our lives. What works for one, may not work for another. My job is to help you uncover what works for you.

I approach my coaching and healing from two directions. Physical and energetically. We are holistic beings, and all our parts are intertwined. When we work on one part of our body, we create a ripple affect that spreads throughout each and every other part.

Some of the tools I use to assist and accelerate healing are:

→ Nutrition
→ Energy Healing
→ Coaching
→ Yoga
→ Chakra Work
→ Mindfulness Practices
→ Essential Oils

We will work together to find exactly which tools resonate with you to instigate deep healing.


I am a HUGE advocate of being able to change your mind. Life is fluid. It is not stagnant. Every day we are presented with new information and new experiences. You have every right to change your direction, your plan, your beliefs, and your mind.

Women need women
Being seen and heard is one of the most important themes in my life. When women come together to support each other, mountains can be moved.

Science and Intuition
There is a sweet spot where science and intuition meet. Just as we are holistic beings, where everything should be taken into context, I believe that both science and intuition have a place in healing.

The Power of the breath
We carry around with us one of the most powerful healing tools there is. That is our breath. We need nothing but our own inhale and exhale to change our entire physiology. Alter our mind set completely. We can go from anxious, confused, and scared, to calm, inspired, and grounded within just a few conscious breaths.

The Power of the mind
The mind is another extremely powerful gift that we have at every moment. If you take the time to learn how to master it, and to use it to your advantage, then you will change your life in ways you can't even begin to imagine.



I adore music. I have a very eclectic taste. I like Pink Floyd, Tool, Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, most Kiwi music, and a whole lot more.

If you want to win me over, bring me flowers 🙂 Tulips and roses especially.

Alone time
I'm an introvert and need to be alone to recharge. Walking alone in nature is where I feel most open, connected, and alive. I also love people, but in order for me to be fully energised, I need a LOT of me time.

White space
I am a minimalist. I like to have a clear and focused mind. I like clutter-free. I like white space.

Beautiful things
It's in my energy field and astrology to be attracted to beautiful things. I don't necessarily have to own them, but I like that they exist. I do have a tendency to want the best of the best of what I DO have.

Being multifaceted
I love yoga. I love smoothies, green juices, running in nature, and beautiful meditation nights. I also love dancing to heavy rock, Kiwi dub, playing pool, and on the rare night out, I probably wouldn't say no to a shot of tequila. I don't believe in labels, pigeon-holing, or putting people in a box.


Yoga Teacher Training (500hours) @ AYA // Melbourne
Yoga Anatomy Principles

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
David Wolfe Nutrition Certification
BodyMind Level 1 Nutrition Certification
Full Bodies Systems // Holistic Nutrition Lab

Energy Healing
Reiki L3A @ The Space Inbetween
School of the Modern Mystic L2


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