How much difference can one day make?


Tegan Skinner – ODC

I love how this eBook focuses on cleansing both mentally and physically, health is so much more than just how you look.

Whenever I think of cleanses or detoxing I often feel like its accompanied by boring foods but these recipes definitely don’t scream boring at all! Thanks for creating this inspiring, easy to understand eBook.

T Skinner



Radhika – ODC

My favorite part was the info provided in a nutshell on all the energies each season provides us with along with the organ focus. The recipes were healthy and delicious.


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Leah Hattendorff – ODC

After the day, I felt refreshed, realigned and ready with all the energy I’ll need to put into tomorrow. Plus – the choc berry mousse was to die for!

The seasonal organ healing focus was a new concept for me, that I really found interesting, and I thought the one page seasonal guide was a great bonus, that I will now keep on my fridge!

L Hattendorff