Let me start this off by saying that I love meditation nights.

I love focused, deeply conscious yoga sessions. I love diving within, soul searching, and letting go/healing/whatever beautiful cleansing ritual is going down.

But I also like to dance.

No. Actually. I freaking ADORE to dance. To loud music. To thrashy, bass-thumping, can’t help but get down and dirty kinda music.

Up until last Friday night, these two worlds didn’t collide. In fact the second one was sadly being left behind as I slowly let go of partying ways in favour of a clean mind and the ability to connect to something much larger, much greater, and much more beautiful than my solitary self.

To be honest I didn’t think that one could exist with the other. I didn’t even really consider it as an option. Ecstatic, no holds barred, energy buzzing, blissful dancing – it came with substances and a come down that left me feeling detached and alone. That’s how it worked. That was the trade off.

Well. Apparently I was wrong.

Let me introduce you to Susana Frioni. What a woman. Consider me now a completely converted devotee.


Last Friday night I attended Susana’s Love Sex Desired Embodied dance party.

I remember looking at this picture below, at these woman, and thinking, “Well, it’s going to be fun, but I can’t imagine myself getting this much into it. Not sober.

Not in an environment where the Divine and the sacred realms are cherished and put as priority. Yes, it will be fun. But massive, fulfilling, blissed out dancing. Probably not.


Again. I was wrong.

Within 30 seconds of the official two hours of dancing kicking off, I was gone. Gone into my VERY happy place. I can’t even begin to describe what a night that was. Every single woman in that room experienced it. Every single one of them was buzzing, smile beaming, dancing like they were at a rave with not a care in the world. Except this was better.

This was a place where you trusted every single person you saw. You trusted them with your soul. Everyone had a fundamental commonality of a LOVE of dance, and a love of … well … LOVE. Everyone was all in. It was amazing.


Cream on the cake was waking up the next morning to a whole host of social media comments GUSHING over what a night everyone had. Not a smidgen of regret. Not a hang over in sight. Just a bunch of women who got all the BEAUTIFUL parts without the bad. Pure brilliance.

Particular highlight for me was Rage Against the Machine.

Man was that a good time. I danced with more freedom that night than if I had been at home alone in my own lounge.

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words what went down that night. All I can say is Susana, you are the biggest blessing and a weaver of MUCH needed magic. You have flipped my entire perspective around. AND (most importantly) you have let me reclaim my place on a dance floor. You have given me back my right to party like it’s 1999. You have given me a taste of what I thought I could no longer have. GRATEFUL.


(Ohhhhh yes. There was blindfolded dancing involved. THE. BEST. !)

It’s the dance. It’s the music. That is what gets you high.

If you are on this journey with me. If you have said goodbye to your party days, but feel a little tear of sorrow in having to let that stimulating, ALIVENESS of dancing to a thumping beat go … then please … PLEASE … get yourself to one of Susana’s dance parties. You have no idea. Did I mention it was A M A Z I N G ? Yes. It was.


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  • Susana Frioni July 23, 2014, 10:11 am

    Beautiful! Loved reading this gorgeous woman. We’ll be dancing again very soon! XO

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