Goodbye… For Now…


I am officially full term (37 weeks) with a little sister for Max on board.

Any day now this little girl is going to come and cause the deepest of bliss and the ultimate of chaos. Excited? YES! Nervous? Oooooooh yes 🙂

I started my holistic health business several months after Max was born. Studying, teaching, and practicing holistic healing (in all its forms) has been the most transformative period of my life.

Starting in nutrition, with a massive spotlight on cleansing, and filtering steadily into the world of energy healing.

Before Max was born I was very stubborn minded when it came to nutrition. I jumped on every bandwagon there was, and then proceeded to devote myself entirely to it, convinced that it was THE best diet for EVERYONE.

Learning about bio-individuality, the concept that we are all different and thrive on different foods, has been THE greatest learning curve for me. It has changed the way I view food entirely.


Before I had Max I also had a very theoretical based understanding of the energy world. 90% of the time I believed, and 10% I was unsure.

In 2013 I began to physically experience chakras and energy fields, and that has changed my life forever.

There is no 10% and there is no theory. I can’t even begin to summarise what this new level of experience and awareness has done for me.

(you can read more about that here)

Now therapeutic essential oils have entered my life, opening up a whole new healing modality for me. It just doesn’t stop. The amount of options available for us to play with, to experience, and to heal through, is literally endless.

Natural medicine is so powerful, so loved by the body, and so able to be fine tuned to suit the individual. Massive thumbs up to everyone who has worked with me over the last three years and has experienced this for themselves.

I am about to go into the nest of maternal leave, putting an “I’ll be right back” sign on my door.

But I’m already excited to get back into the thick of things later in 2016.


If all of this happened … all of this was possible … all of this open to be experienced after the birth of my son … what lies in store after the birth of my daughter? I can only imagine and wait, with an excited grin and glint in my eye.

So, goodbye for now.

Thank you for being in my life and for sharing my love of personal health, growth, and evolution. I will catch you very very soon xo

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