There is something in your life that you want to change.

Maybe it is your physical health:

✓ Sleep issues
✓ Digestive problems
✓ Skin issues
✓ Weight issues
✓ Sugar addiction

Maybe it is more on the emotional realm:

✓ Anxiety
✓ Uncomfortable in your own skin
✓ Feeling spiritually blocked
✓ A mind that wont stop chattering
✓ Feelings of inferiority

Healing plans are individually tailored action plans to help get you to your goals.

Each plan will be crafted based on what you want to achieve, your current level of health and your life circumstances.

Your goals and desires are unique to you, so your personal healing plan will be a direct reflection of that.

Action steps will be highly manageable, and designed to create deep and sustainable change within you.

Some of the tools I use to assist and accelerate healing are:

☆ Nutrition
☆ Energy Healing
☆ Coaching
☆ Yoga
☆ Chakra Work
☆ Mindfulness Practices
☆ Essential Oils
☆ Flower Essences

To read a little bit more about me and my approach, please visit my About page.


Initial Consult

Detailed intake form: I will email you a detailed form to fill out before our first consult. The questions will cover your health history, including dietary question, health concerns, energetic health, and lifestyle history.

Distance chakra scan: Before our session I like to do a quick energy scan so I can have a feel for where your chakras are at, and to allow any insights to come up.

One hour session: (If you are based in Dunedin, this can be in person. If not, we can meet via Skype) This is a session to chat. To get to the core of your goals, to clarify anything in your intake form, and to let the conversation flow to where it needs to. I can pick up a lot of details in these conversations.

Healing plan: Within a week of our session, I will email you a copy of your healing plan. It will detail the exact steps that I recommend for you to get you to your health goals. I will also explain why I am suggesting these changes/exercises.

Follow up Consult

30 min session: (If you are based in Dunedin, this can be in person. If not, we can meet via Skype) This is an opportunity to discuss how you are going. We will look at the progress you have made, and see if anything needs to be revised.

Healing plan revision: Within a week of our consult, you will receive your revised healing plan.

To arrange a booking, please fill in the following form. I will be in touch very shortly to arrange our first session and send you the necessary intake forms.


  • Please tell me a little bit about what your health goals are.

Thank you!