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Aaaaand exhale!

Over 9 months later, I have successfully survived my second stint of life with a newborn.

Not that it was very hard. Much to my surprise and delight, I got one of those babies that rarely cry. I used to hear about these mythical babies. Turns out they are real đŸ™‚

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – can prepare you for the shock that comes with having your first baby. It rocked my world and tore me down. But the second child… you are a lot more prepared.

Look at that face!


I’m beyond stoked to have my website refreshed and online.

I have services for you to help you reach your deepest heart’s desires – whatever they may be.

Definitely have a little look at my About page, so you can get the vibe of my place and my space.

But wait! Before you do, I have something for you!

$400 worth of prizes for someone – maybe YOU?

Let’s take a look at what I have here…

Mini Illumination Session (retail $85)
(gifted by

Illumination sessions use kinesiology to uncover a hidden block or limiting belief and identify relevant energetic, physical and emotional aspects to safely balance what is uncovered for greater creativity, connection and purpose in your life.

This is a taster session that will provide immediate insight to illuminate the way forward and works as easily over Skype or distance reading (email) as it does in person.

Bottle of doTERRA Citrus Bliss (retail $27)
(gifted by me!)

This is one DELICIOUS blend. It smells amazing. Uplifting, cheerful, and brightening. You will adore getting this bottle of joy in the post.

Access to my Seasonal Cleanses (retail $147)
(gifted by me!)

My Holistic Seasonal Cleanses are currently undergoing a revamp and will be re-released late this year. You will have full access when it does.

The cleanse includes:

Video Training: We cover anatomy, effective seasonal cleansing, and mindset lessons

Recipe Books: 4 seasonal recipe books with DELICIOUS choices

Planning Tools: A guidebook, menu planners, and shopping lists to make your cleanse a breeze

30 Days of Yes Card Set (retail $24)
(gifted by


Just one line can be the nudge you need to awaken.

30 Days of Yes is a deck of 30 beautiful watercolour illustrated cards with messages of hope, empowerment and joy.

Your 30 Days of Yes card set can be used sequentially for a month of happiness and guidance, or drawn at random to inspire, enliven and set the tone for your day.

30 Days of Yes helps you connect to your inner guides, answer important questions, spark creativity and see the world anew. Each card offers a little glimmer of inspiration for your day.

(delivered to you in November)

She is Radiant: The Collection (retail $39)
(gifted by


Much-loved by over 1000 women in 50+ countries. Embark on your very own wellness adventure with all the tools, insights and support you’ll need to start living your most nourished and radiant life.


✓ She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad

✓ She Is Radiant Toolkit: 36 Truths, Dares & Tools To Guide Your Wellness Adventure

✓ She Is Radiant Q&A Workshop

Adore Your Cycle eBook (retail $24)
(gifted by

Adore Your Cycle: Find Your Flow, Work Your Menstrual Magic & Change The Way You Live Your Life – Forever

✓ Access to a 90-minute ‘Understanding Your Inner Seasons’ online class

✓ Claire’s Creative Living Meditations Audio Duo

✓ An invitation to the Adore Your Cycle private Facebook group

✓ A series of professional yoga videos designed to complement the four phases of your cycle

I Am Here (retail $25)
(gifted by


A coping tool that makes you heart strong.

“There are many tools, resources and techniques that I use in my practice, but this is the tool that I get the most positive feedback about. It is also the one tool that I use every day because it is so simple yet so effective.” – Nicole

The tool includes:

✓ A mantra – A repeatable mantra that you can use at any time specifically designed to activate your heart power

✓ A guided meditation – An audio to train you to drop into a deep state of soothing, I am here presence

✓ A workbook – A guided reflection for you to explore, integrate and understand your experience of coping with these feelings

✓ The heart’s way– An introduction to the principles of the heart’s way – the 5 attitudes that activate the heart

Exhale (retail $22)
(gifted by


“My heart is in this eBook and I hope it helps you. My aim is for these words and insights to lift you up, to comfort you and to inspire you through the dark times.” – Megan

Exhale is a holistic tool, which includes advice, research and private truths on:

✓ Ways to deal with anxiety when she strikes, naturally

✓ Personal stories and revelations from my own journey

✓ Practical exercises to help you understand anxiety, and befriend her

✓ A toolkit of good feels, including uplifting quotes, a beautiful yoga sequence, crystal low-down and much, much more

To enter, simply pop over to Facebook and comment on my post that links this blog post (most likely the one that brought you here). You will find the details there.

I wish you love, joy, inspiration, peace, a feeling of energy and expansiveness… and all those good things.

I’m here to help you uncover it all xo


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