Change of Game

At the risk of sounding – oh, I don’t know – a little “on trend”, 2014 was something of a life changer for me. Looking back to the start of the year, it feels like there is an entirely different person peeking back at me. Such a shedding of layers. Such removal of blinders. Here Read More

What if We Didn’t Know ?

What if you didn’t know what you couldn’t do? Last weekend I heard an extraordinary story about a man named Cliff Young. At the spritely age of 61 years, Cliff decided to run an 875km race. This is a race that is usually run over 7 days, with 6 hours of sleep per night to Read More

Let me start this off by saying that I love meditation nights. I love focused, deeply conscious yoga sessions. I love diving within, soul searching, and letting go/healing/whatever beautiful cleansing ritual is going down. But I also like to dance. No. Actually. I freaking ADORE to dance. To loud music. To thrashy, bass-thumping, can’t help Read More

If someone were to ask me of a sure fire way to get some self-evolution happening, then I would, without a doubt, tell them to start a blog. I don’t know if I can even pinpoint exactly what it is about a blog that is such a catalyst for inner reflection. Perhaps it is the Read More

Rice Emotion Experiment

One excellent lesson that has been passed on to me over the years is that in order to fully understand something you need to experience it yourself. During my yoga teacher training, the lovely Dominique used to always say to us “No borrowed knowledge”. I definitely resonate with this. This year’s biggest theme for me Read More

Jo Anderson

If you have dived into my Winter Cleanse then you will most likely be well aware of the absolutely stunning images that Jo has brought to the table. Not only can this lady create an excellent recipe, but WOW can she sure photograph it! Like the rest of my contributors, Jo has a heart of Read More