The Agony of My Silence

Lately I have been feeling increasingly restless. Physically in my body. Like I have been sitting on an airplane for 48 hours. Except that I haven’t. Restless in my mind. Bored of the hamster wheel of the same old tales. "Women supporting women." Yes. Until one of them does something that the other doesn’t particularly Read More

Let’s Level Up

Aaaaand exhale! Over 9 months later, I have successfully survived my second stint of life with a newborn. Not that it was very hard. Much to my surprise and delight, I got one of those babies that rarely cry. I used to hear about these mythical babies. Turns out they are real :) Nothing - Read More

Goodbye… For Now…

(image) Baby clothes on washing line

I am officially full term (37 weeks) with a little sister for Max on board. Any day now this little girl is going to come and cause the deepest of bliss and the ultimate of chaos. Excited? YES! Nervous? Oooooooh yes :) I started my holistic health business several months after Max was born. Studying Read More

Well, today I am letting myself do the talking. Thanks heaps YouTube for the weird screenshot :) Great clarity comes from deep stillness, that's for sure. When in doubt - meditate. Answers will trickle through like little fairy lights turning on. One after the other Read More

Two Hearts in One Body

Wild winds whip through me like ice. But all I feel is the beating of two hearts in one body. And I wonder what your face looks like. Will you be blue-eyed like your brother? Will your hair curl into unruly matts of dreaded blonde like his? I feel slightly nauseous at the memory of Read More

Ever end up on an email list, Facebook page, or Insta account, and totally forget how you got there ? Who is this person sending me messages? Where did they come from? What are they talking about? And – more importantly – what can they do for me? I don’t want to be a stranger Read More